The Wiicast on Epileptic Gaming’s ‘Faces for Radio’

15 03 2008

Part 1.

Part 2:





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15 03 2008

Epileptic Gaming are annoying Sony whores and the problem with gaming but Will you did a great job and stood up for yourself.

16 03 2008

They are definetly not sony whores.

16 03 2008

Very good show. Handled well by EG and Will


16 03 2008

it was a good show even thought i like the vc console a lot i wish nintendo would do more with there online and i wish 3rd party would stop being lazy

16 03 2008

Hi, Great job Will so proud of you. Man I wish I come visit you man you got more game systems than I got I don’t even have a X-box 360or Playstation 3 at all. Glad you stick by the WII pat on the back there. I kind of wonder if Epileptic Gaming play the WII at all the reason why I say that because it makes me feel like they haven’t play the WII at all. Expand your horizons dudes. You bash Nintendo so much it made me sick they didn’t say anything nice at all about the WII. All they talk about they love when Nintendo came out the old school of game but never talk about they like the Virtual Consoles games that you can download get your old school of gaming there. Plus I really don’t care if the WII brings voice chat or not. I just like the Virtual Consoles games you can download more choices than the other game systems. I also like some of the games on it despite of the trouble handling of the controls. The WII Fit looks a good idea to me and might bring some good games to it. I being a WII fan since Aug. of last year when I got it and I play it just about every week on it mostly to see what games they put on it to download it. I think the WII would be better this year in the gaming wise. Will you made some good points on it. Good job Will.

17 03 2008


Hey, I’m an EG fan, just checking the reaction to will being on the show.

Most of the hosts (i.e. Wheat, Summa, Kam-ra and Cami, the latter 2 being on thursdays show) don’t play the wii alot, if at all.

On thursdays however, wheats best friend force is normally on skype, and he is EGs wii expert. e loves the wii but has said “I hate giving you guys ammo” at times like when reviewing fantastic 4 on the wii. At christmas, wheat and summa gave force Jenga when wheat visted him, which I think force hated.

Summa use to play the wii but sold it after few months, and I think both he and wheat use to play the wii to give their input in reviews but I think they leave them to force now.

They bash nitnendo a bit as they said, before will came on, feel nintendo don’t develop games that they, old nintendo fanboys loved and like back in the nes\snes days. I tink they also get pissed about how potential negative press about nintendo don’t get coverage\is accepted by nintendo fans (e.g. when Shigeru Miyamoto said wii fit doesn’t actually make you fit).

As for VC titles, I think it’s a case of, why should I re buy stuff for he exact same title when I can just pull out my old nes\snes to do the same for free. If the re-release had online gameplay, updated graphics, and some new feature, they’d be all over that. a re-release of Goldeneye with online play would attract more than a re-release Goldeneye on the wii, which is just the same as the n64, and the eg guys would be all over the former goldeneye.

Please note I DO NOT speak for the EG crew, this is just what I think is their angle on your post. Summa can represent himself as you may of witness.

On the subject of voice chat, I personally think voice chat is the worlds best thing, and the worlds worst thing in gaming.

It is the worst thing is my 360 tag is Scottland89 (so over 9000 points for guessing where I live) and I’ve got a bit of abuse on Halo 3 (not much, about 5% of the time I’m on live) but it does get to me at times when I hear “You stupid scottish fag” or it does get annoying hearing “Your scottish and don’t like wishky, wtf is wrong with you?” 100 times in 2 minutes.

It can be a great thing as I feel about voice chat if you get a good chatty party, your game experiance increases tenfold. I remember playing the 360 farcry game online, and the group I was with were very chatty, in both tatical and banter way, it was a ctf like mode. after 39 minutes (out of 40) it was 1-1 and I grabbed the opponents sample(flag in farcry). I was shouting all sorts of status updates down my headset, and when I died inches away from the capture with 20 seconds left in the game, I was just like “SOMEBODY GRAB THE SAMPLE AND SCORE” and shouting that 1000 times, so imagine what I was like when someone did. I personally feel that you are more into the game when you start chatting, hell even uno is excting as hell with video and voice chat, and with decent banter.

Anyway sorry for the long big comment, just an eg fans view on this. Props to will for appearing on the show. Maybe will could maybe could try working with EG a bit mroe as they would prefer to have loads of differing views on gaming (hence force doing reviews) and as will did say, he’s hardly a “everything wii related is great! even jenga” kind of guy, so he could put some valuable, creditable input into the show.

@1st post
Ehh Summa maybe a sony whore but wheat just prefers the ps3, I think cami who is normally on thursday prefers the 360 and Kam-ra is on the fence. Force is a wii guy as I mentioned before.

Props for appearing on the show, as I said, you didn’t appear as an arsehole and I (someone who hate nintendo after the whole goldeneye thing and don’t want a wii) would welcome you back on to my fav online show. Sorry for this being a huge comment


17 03 2008

Hi, I want to say to Scottland89 on what he said about the Virtual Consoles games. Yes, I still have Nintendo and a Super Nintendo systems and while I agree with you on this comment “why should I re buy stuff for he exact same title when I can just pull out my old nes\snes to do the same for free” well I have disagree with it some degree because I don’t have or own ever game that is on the old Nintendo or Super Nintendo. To me the Virtual Console I get games that I never play when it did came out on the Nintendo and Super Nintendo. Not all of us was rich when games did come out of Nintendo and Super Nintendo. I being a gamer since Atari was out (yes I’m old person too in my thirties). I play a lot of video games systems or check out trailers of video game systems I haven’t play yet but to me the WII is about the best system so far out there.

17 03 2008

wow…biggest Sony fanboys I’ve ever heard. So many ignorant comments and contradictions in their comments.
ie…The Wii sucks and there is no reason to buy it…then less than 15 minutes later singing praises of the software available in an attempt to make Nintendo look bad for not publishing titles on other platforms.

They asked the question of “why should you buy a Wii”? For the same reason you buy any console…the games. They said themselves that they would love Nintendo games on other consoles…

Very ignorant people.
Good job trying to talk to these moron will…

17 03 2008

hey… this is kamRA from EG… it’s not so much that I’m on the fence over which console to prefer… Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii, or heck… even PC (not a console, but a gaming platform nonetheless)… i come from the camp that gaming should be fun and that it doesn’t matter how you play them or whether it’s new-school or old-school, next-gen or current-gen.

Honestly, i have to consider myself lucky because I own a 360, and my roommate has a ps3. I had a wii for a little bit, but it’s just not for me. Plus, i find the controls to be somewhat unorthodox… and i consider myself to be somewhat coordinated (i play volleyball, tennis, soccer, frisbee, etc.).

You all know it’s about the games. If a game is fun, who cares about whether it’s a PS3 or a Wii.

Anyway, point is, EG isn’t a morons or ignorant gamers. sure, we’re elitist, but what gamer isn’t? In the end guys, don’t let the EG fanboyism get you too angry to really hear what we’re trying to say about gaming.

From Will’s appearance, I’m happy that we were able to be civil about it all and actually do it. I was thoroughly entertained during the show and I really look forward to him being on the show again.

18 03 2008

I knew I’d get something about you guys wrong somewhere. At least a)I said I wasn’t representing you guys personally, just trying to defend and b)I wasn’t too far off.

As for the camp your on, I use to be a ps1\ps2 fanboy, but got a xbox 360 after the intial grind of the ps3 getting of the ground, which did help my prosepctive on gaming. (i.e. not all good games are on the 1 machine, all offer something prety good).

Although I’m also a wii critic, how can anyone not enjoy a wee wii bowling or wii tenis tournament with friends or family. It can be the pretty fun.

The main problem with me and the wii is that to get the best out of it, you need room in the room you are playing it to get the best out of it, and I don’t have that.

Didn’t think of that, was listening to Faces For Radio with will on it for the first time, and hearing summa being stupid about retro games as well as typing up the post meant my brain was going into overload if I did anything else, so I had to do quick thinking.

But for the games you do own already fr the nes and snes, I think my point is vaild for, just for the ones you don’t own makes it invalid.

19 03 2008

LOL i loved the COD4/Golden Eye rant but i would have to be on the Golden Eye side

20 03 2008

Thest two guys are dicks. Regardless of everything they say. You get Nintendo quality games on the Nintendo system…hence people buying it.

They are wii bashers for show.
They are stupid, conventional games have the control methods and wouldn’t benefit from the motion controls (Brawl). But other games do, like Metroid Prime…this can also lend into any fps game, wii sports ofc and then look at pes 08…stated as the best version out of the three (ps3/xbox360).

These two should will stick to there ps3/xbox360 psp or w/e, there loss.

20 03 2008

Not hooking up the wii because he thinks it rubbish and thus no brawl is just hilarious.

Also The wii has the #1 userbase worldwide out of the three newest consoles. Japan isn’t the only one eating the wii up, infact America is crazy with it.

Graphic whore ,constant HD speach.
Game are not all about graphics!

Had to add another comment!

20 03 2008

I watched almost the first video in entirety. I’m alittle surprised. For all the talk about extending the olive branch, burying the hatchet, etc, I think the apology (if there was one), got lost somewhere in the attempts at reminding us how cool they are. Explanation follows.

Allow me to go out on a limb and suggest that next time they feel they might have been in the wrong for comments made, they need to express that to their viewers. Regardless of how old the video bashing Will’s show may have been, it doesn’t excuse it from what was said. Additionally, how does putting your foot into your mouth have anything to do with his “Gamer Cred.” – why was that even a topic of concern? Additionally, try not to serve up another side of foot in mouth when you’re essentially trying to take previous appearances of said entree off the menu: see Screwattack comments.

What’s with the Screwattack hate? The reason this entire thread started was from side comments and indiscriminate bashing all directed towards the fellow little guy. How does EG/Faces for Radio even consider themselves “above” people like you and Craig/Tom? You guys have sponsorship from GT. If they’re frustrated by this, they needn’t look further than their own mouths. Criticize the developers, the corporations behind them, hell, even the consoles, but NOT the reviewers. Reviewer sites are fair game (*cough* Gamespot *cough*) but when you start jumping on guys like you (make no mistake, they are not above these individuals), you come off as…. wait for it… a douchebag. I guarantee that if Geoff Knightley or Adam Sessler ever made a personal attack against another reviewer, they’d be eating humble pie or looking for a new job. There are a lot of trite acts and gimmicks tried out there for game reviewing, but keep in mind, we’re smart enough to see through it. Additionally, it’s in poor taste to knock a man for his presentation, especially if he’s genuinely trying to serve up an honest product.

Overall, this is practically an instructional video on how to fail at saving face. I’ll give them this, the Summa fellow at least seemed like he wanted to make amends – I think his moral compass jostled, and he realized how detrimental it is in his industry to criticize the little guy on his production value than whether or not his reviews hold merit. As for “dj” Wheat – drop the act (and the trendy hat, glasses, condescending attitude). I imagine telling girls at bars you’re “big in broadcasting” works some of the time, but us gamers – your audience – see through it. I’m just here for honest reviews, hence why I like TheWiiCast.

21 03 2008

Hi, Scottland89 you totally miss my point on what I said on this oh well I’m letting this go (because I’m not going get into it because I’m a woman I do have some morals so I’m moving on from this). I was thinking this past week you notice that the show didn’t mention at all the one of the reason why the WII is so popular because of the cost of the system. Not all of us got a lot of money to spend on X-box 360 or the Playstation 3 systems. I know the X-box and Playstation did lower there price down on there system after awhile the WII came out because you know why they wasn’t getting the people buying them like the WII systems was. I also want to point out that the games are a lot cheaper on the WII than the X-box 360 and the Playstation 3 systems too. Despite we might have some crappy third parties games on them not all third parties games are that crappy.

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