The Wiicast Episode 81: The Smash Bros Special

13 03 2008

This week it’s all about Brawl! Quite possibly the longest review you’ll ever see. Ever. There’s so much to cover! Online, Solo, Stage Sharing…and that’s just scratching the surface!




4 responses

13 03 2008

first comment whoo
anyways, i thought that SSE was fine on the controls, the problem i had was it got boring.
also, i was able to get online(eventually) and the random match i had was VERY laggy, not all matches are like that though, but heven the friend match i had with one fried was a little on the laggy side.

13 03 2008

bustiest wiicast ever.
random match lag like crazy.

13 03 2008

You didn’t rate it???

13 03 2008
muhatna ghandi

You press b to do a final smash dude

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