Sony and Apple Threaten Nintendo’s Continued Success in Handheld Market.

8 03 2008

Touchscreen interfaces have become all the rage in consumer electronics lately, wouldn’t you say? The DS is a huge success worldwide due in part to it’s touchy-feely interface. The same could be said for the Apple iPhone as well. Would this new patent (documenting a Sony handheld gaming/phone device) confirm suspicions that the company will jump on the bandwagon of poking and rubbing you devices? As a PSP owner (as well as a DS and iPhone owner) I often find myself absent-mindedly touching the PSP screen expecting something to happen. This wouldn’t be the first time Sony has surprised consumers by adding an established feature to one of it’s products. Is this the muscle Sony needs it push Nintendo out of the handheld throne? Seeing as this is still definitely just a patent and no official announcement about the actual device has been made by Sony, I would venture to say that the legacy of the DS is safe…for now. However, the biggest threat to Nintendo isn’t Sony right now, it’s Apple. This week Apple announced EA will be provide games for it’s touchscreen devices including a version of everybody’s favorite oft delayed game “Spore“. Games from Sega were also announced including the hit “Super Monkey Ball“. The iPhone is already a huge success and with these games showing 3D graphics that surpass Nintendo’s handheld only time will tell if Apple’s foray into gaming will be a success over Nintendo.




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9 03 2008


11 03 2008

I have a NDS and an iPhone (congras for your will). I think that a PSP is a great device but since I have an iPod (now and iPhone) it isn’t really new for it (I am not a big gamer true). I saw the iPhone SDK and developer readmap and was quite impressed by its posibilities.

Still, I think that an iPhone could not be a big competence to the NDS basicaly for its price and other features. Kids who play NDS games could not afford an iPhone. That’s for one part, the other thing is, although touchscreens and acelerometers are the new joysticks, a game device still needs (many) buttons which iPhone doesn’t have. Of course there will come great games for it, but no so big and many to no need buttons anymore.

And finally, I think that Nintendo is already thinking in a NDS II device, maybe multitouch, acelerometer, bigger resolution on screens and maybe browser preinstalled.

But for me, I must confess that for many months now, I just go out with my iphone (If I would owned a PSP there would be no difference in that actual fact).

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