RewtBeer’s Wiikly Wiiview: Episode 23

8 03 2008

An oldie but a goodie.




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8 03 2008

You are only half right about the co-op certain stages, ones that only involved a single character, required you to unlock muliplayer. The main sections of the game like the train etc were multiplayer from the start. A friend of mine and I blew through the game in an evening and we just traded off in the single player levels. It gave a welcome break

9 03 2008

you can play with two people right out of the box
two screwed up reviews for this game on the same site.

10 03 2008
fucker whimsley

You can play teh 9 main levels co-op douche bag. You need to beat the extra levels one player to play them co-op. I can see why you are on this site. Teh wiicast guy didnt bother reading the instructions or trying out the game before burying it in one of his horrible reviews.

11 03 2008

yeah, or maybe it’s not a great game. go away if you don’t like the site

11 03 2008

this guy and the wiicast dude got game this all wrong brothers.. They don’t know wtf there taking about when it comes to RE. Other then that, theres cool ppl. You make all americans seem stupid. Thanks..

11 03 2008

i like this site
i like Will and all his reviews

It is just that Will & Rewts review of this game are flat out
The Zapper Controls are great!
& you can two player, same time, from the very start!
I like this game and i don’t want people to be miss informed.

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