The Wiicast Episode 80: My Big Willy

6 03 2008

This week we take a look into the secret Nintendo training facility, Discuss some new Mario Kart details, Review ‘Destroy All Humans: Big Willy Unleashed’ and Rock you like a Turrican in our Virtual Console Pick of the Week!




6 responses

6 03 2008
L Ron Buttered

90 percent of that episode was meaningless filler. We dont need to see teh 3 minute opening cinema to that shitty alien game. I haev a bone to pick with the wiicast guy… do a review and show a level beyond the first, becuase I am of teh opinion that you play these games for about 20 minutes, and then make a hasty review based on shit. How can you review a game that you played a miniscule portion of? Also cocks.

6 03 2008

Well at least the EG gang are still hitting the website…and registering! Thanks for the ad-impression revenue.

6 03 2008

It’s sad to see such a great premise like Destroy All Humans time and time again suffer from poor execution.

6 03 2008

I always enjoy your reviews Will. I was going to get Super Turrican, but now i am going to get Golden Axe 3 instead. I was on the fence about Dragon Quest, but i picked it up after your review, and it’s great.
Although i didn’t need to see the training video again….
Also, Ron, the reviews here are not intended to be a level by level review of the entire game! I just want to know if it plays like shit or not, and Will lets me and tons of other know this.
PEACE (its important)

6 03 2008

hey will,

just a suggestion for future shows. if you have an opening skit or vid, please save it for the show. don’t post it a day or 2 ahead of time because most have likely seen it and will skip through it at the beginning of the show. just my 2 cents.

and btw, this was MUCH better than your last non-studio show!

keep up the great work

9 03 2008
Jesus H Christ

Dont go on their gay show (epileptic gaming, or whatever). You shouldn’t even give those fags teh time of day. Only go if you are planning on killing them all with a sawed-off.

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