‘Disaster: Day of Crisis’ Still Has No Release Date.

4 03 2008

There was a rumor going around that Nintendo’s ‘Disaster: Day of Crisis’ had a European release date of May 30. CVG has word from Nintendo that the date is “Completely Speculation”. Too bad. Disaster looked to be much more promising the the now-canned Project H.A.M.M.E.R.

Nintendo shoots down May release for Disaster – CVG




4 responses

4 03 2008

What that sux

4 03 2008

well…that doesn’t mean it’s been cancelled at all…right?

4 03 2008

I hope not. I hope this game will make it onto store shelfs eventually.

6 03 2008

It doesn’t mean it’s cancelled, but it means the wait continues. This game looks far better then PH. That game looked like a mundane 3rd person hack n slash.

I’m really hopeful about this game, but the hype has been non-existant. I’m not sure how well involved Nintendo is aside from publishing. It’s not being developed by any in house teams and we have received maybe 2 to 3 updates since it’s announcement.

So far we have yet to see any new ips that cater to the hardcore crowd since Excite Truck. Which was cool, but nothing AAA worthy. All there is is Wii Fit and sequels. Big N needs to take that risky attitude of theirs and show us core gamers (the ones who helped them get here) something new.

I love the classics, but we were also “promised” new ips. I count 2 new, 1 canned, and another that has yet to blossom. Get with it Nintendo.

By the way this is jigaman 🙂

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