Today’s WTF Moment: 1up Tries to Make Fun of Smash Bros Roster, Fails Epically.

1 03 2008

Okay I’ll admit it: I’m not a HUGE Smash Bros Megafan. I love the series just not as much as some people. This being said I was rather confused, irritated and a little offended at 1up’s “Everything You Didn’t Know About Smash Bros.” article. I’m sure they were trying to be funny, right? But man, there’s nothing right with this article. I can see slipping in a quick punch during a preview article about the subject, but creating an entire completely misinforming article to make a joke? I guess I don’t get it. Before I start getting hundreds of viewer mail letters about this, let me say one thing: The Hamburger Helper Glove is absolutely, positively not in smash bros. I dont care WHAT you heard from your friend in line at the cafeteria in school. Click on over to read the article: Everything You Didn’t Know About Smash Bros




3 responses

1 03 2008

Meh, sucks anyways…

2 03 2008

That’s worse then finding out about Mewtwo and Brawl, for me that was a total insult to me as a gamer and as a Smash Bros Fan.

3 03 2008

I´m not a SSB fan a i´m not a Nintendo fanboy either…
That said, after reading and watching their shows you notice that 1up clearly have something against the Wii…

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