Please, Start paying Attention to Alone in the Dark!

17 02 2008

This is a tech demo vid for x360/ps3 but hopefully the ideas and gameplay will be carried to Wii.

Sticky Tape FTW!




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18 02 2008

Saw this when it was first out, like everyone else I was simply stunned and have watched it numerous times and to be frank this is a game worth buying. But what’s that I hear, oh yes that fabled wii release we’ve been promised. Expect an extremely dumbed down teddy bear hunt for your little sister.

18 02 2008

qThis is, as it says, a tech demo. Technical achievements using the capabilities of the 360/PS3 hardware. Things like this will never come to the Wii. Possible things of being able to stick enemies with explosives and stuff but thats about it. Using flame fluids and dousing the ground wherever u want then lighting it on fire is just too random to calculate on the Wii. And those lighting effects when you break the light brackets on the ceiling and make the light fall down, and the cracking open flares and then watching the distance of shadows forming as you throw it along the room is just in the realm of fantasy for the Wii. Things like these bring into question the impact that graphics really do have on gameplay and something the Wii really can’t offer a gamer.

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