First ‘Samba De Amigo’ Wii Footage

15 02 2008

Samba De Amigo is one of the most coveted of Dreamcast games. Getting a hold of the original Maracas Controller has become increasingly more difficult over the years. This new Wii version ditches the old peripherals in favor of a Wiimote/Nunchuck orientation. I wont say that it looks better…only because I’m a purist. I guess I’ll have to wait for my hands-on time with the title to make a final decision.

Via GoNintendo




3 responses

15 02 2008

Nice. i never play Samba De Amigo…except on Sega Superstars for the PS2 Eyetoy…
Maybe the Wii-mote rumble will simulate the rattling maracas. But the nunchuk doesn’t rumble so…yeah.

15 02 2008

Probably we can use 2 wiimote, instead of 1 wiimote and nunchuck.
That should rumble well 🙂

15 02 2008

Yeah, that would be cool!

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