The Wiicast Episode 77: Captain Random

14 02 2008

What a strange week! We’ve got two music videos, one web-weaving review, some heavy metal action, viewer art and much more! Tune in!




9 responses

14 02 2008

Look forward to your “Wiicast”s every week however this week was somewhat of a dissapointment. I can listen to music or watch videos anywhere on the net. Believe it or not…I watch to hear your commentary.

Look forward to next week…

14 02 2008

Love the Wiicast, but i think you should stop trying to re-arrange the format.

I can see your trying to make it more professional, but I LOVE the fact that normally its set in your home, that you can hear your dogs fighting in the background, that your dining table is a makshift newsdesk….it makes it kinda informal and fun.

The Wiicast is fine how it is, you don’t need a studio or a fancy edit suite programme.

You’ve nailed it already! No need to re-invent the wheel

14 02 2008

please go back to filming in your house. that was much better. your dogs are cool. love the show

14 02 2008

There wasn’t much for Wii news and rumors people, So Will didn’t have much to work with. So don’t knock him for making this episode so random.
I’m sure by next week he’ll have more to Work with.

15 02 2008

What teh hell was that? Why would someone send in their art if you aren’t going to credit them for it? There was virtually no substance whatsoever in that episode. And that first music video was posted days ago… can you say, filler? And waht the fuck is with the obligatory ass-kissing post every single time man (see the above wiicast apologist)? ^ If all you can do is blindly slurp, just keep it to yourself you lackey.

15 02 2008

Computer says no.

15 02 2008

regardless of what the coolaid drinkers say, i might stop watching these. you should just go back to your house and talk about video games. everything else is done better elsewhere.

15 02 2008

If you don’t like it, try making your own Wii-cast type show and see if you can find stuff to work with.

17 02 2008

how does are you ready

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