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14 02 2008

Just in case some of you arn’t up too date with the latest from The WiiCast Boards. Here are a few things you are missing out on.

Nothing too do while your bored? Well Damian has added quite a few Arcade games free for you too play, Your HighScores are even saved to the leaderboards so you can compare or try too be the best… Good Luck. Also if your a Champion of a certain game, a little icon is added too your Signature.
Also added thanks too Damian, When you post or make threads, you now gain Credits. And you gain them from the point it was implimented, so sorry you high posters, gotta work from scratch like everybody else. You can buy some pretty neat things too. And new things are expected to be in the store every now and then.
Brawl Boards:
Keeping up with the popularity of the Wii’s Most anticipated title. The admins updated the area specifically for the game, made with areas to Discuss characters, stages, set up matches, and anything else you’ll need. And even if your worried about spoilers, you can’t see anything unless you sign up for a special usergroup that lets you see the Secret Characters, ect.

And there’s always more in the works. See you there everybody!




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