The Wiicast Episode 76: Sonic Furu Land

7 02 2008

Sure our editing screwed up but that doesn’t me we don’t have a show for you! This week we take a look at Sonic Riders, Furu Furu park and Bomberman Land. Viewer mail and the VCPotW are here for you too!




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7 02 2008

Nice as always…

the transitions weren’t as bad as you thought! Thanks for trying out the minigames for us…sooner or later you’ll find one that plays well!

By the way, Furu Furu is how Japanese verbalize the action for “shake” so think of it as Shakin’ Park!

Sorry you had to sift through the shovelware…

8 02 2008
Chad Butcher

Where are these NJ license plates I keep hearing about in No More Heroes. I own teh game, and live in NJ (with my born again christian friends), and I can attest to you that there are no NJ license plates in the game. There are however, palm trees (which are hard to locate in Denville), and teh Mexican border (where I had to attend SLAP). The soutnern border of NJ is Delaware… I also like how the 2 errors in last weeks episode were in no way owned up to. I don’t see the point in picking a vc game that sucks as bad as operation wolf, but then again, I don’t liek to share pizza with my closest friends.

8 02 2008

Bomberman land touch for the DS is pretty good. You can go online with it in classic mode.

8 02 2008

Good episode!……The technical problems weren’t that bad, so don’t worry, I still really enjoyed it.

Isn’t it crazy how little Sega care about Sonic anymore. I just get the impression that they make a new Sonic game every six months and think ‘that’ll do…lets release it’. Nintendo get attacked for re-using Mario a lot, but at least in those situations Miyamoto or Iwata sniffs around to make sure the standard is high.

Sonic is just a pale blue shadow of his 90s self.

9 02 2008
Shigeru Miyamoto

Everything Sega does is shit. They really blow cocks and whatnot.

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