Computer Demons

6 02 2008

Well guys the show is finished and compressing…BUT… All through last night my computer decided to crash, unsync audio, mess with transitions etc. Everything that could go wrong DID GO WRONG. I gave up at about 4am this morning. When I woke up, I finished editing and all the voice overs. For some reason my transitions were causing audio problems. The show is compressing now and will be uploaded today. Just know in advance that it’ll be a little rough with no transitions. However, you can look forward to THREE reviews!





11 responses

6 02 2008

thanks for the hard your show

6 02 2008

Thanks for working so hard. Hope everything goes okay…

7 02 2008

Your dedication is inspiring

7 02 2008

A man such as Will never gives up and that is enough to get me pumped to see the next show.


7 02 2008

Poor guy, hang in there!

7 02 2008


7 02 2008

Ignore the last post or take it as sarcasm, the job you do for the wii community is outstanding. Keep it up Will!

7 02 2008
heywood jiblowme

Do you guys have to be such sychophantic pussies? Whats with all of teh “I love you!!!” bullshit?

7 02 2008

what the heck happened to posting the video today? Jus wondering.. its wednesday night

7 02 2008

Will, Will, Will, you are the savior of Wednesdays, you can do no wrong! don’t worry about it being late, we can wait, and those who can’t, well i see them complain but i don’t see them making a web show. So thanks for the update and for the whole show!!!

7 02 2008

just by the way:
i see your show from far away – austria – and i like it very much !
thx for ur good work !

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