Japan Loves Brawl

1 02 2008

Yup, Wii Gamers in the land of the rising sun still care about the core games as January, 31st. Brawl Sold over 500 thousand copies. And from what i hear, 80% Of japan’s stock of the game was sold.

This is a pretty big gap compared to the release of Devil May Cry for the PS3 and 360 which sold 140k and 30k respectively. I guess the Devil is Crying :<

I know Brawl will sell well here, the Reacord Breaking members on GameFaqs tell me that much. It’s just a shame we have to Wait A month and a week.

Also 2 interesting Rumors came up over yesterday.

One was the reason of the initial Brawl Delay from Dec 3rd to Feb 10th. Apparently, in the japanese poll sakurai posted years ago. The top 10 Winners all got into brawl. Except one little Blue cloth wearing puppet, Geno. The Original delay was “Rumored” To be, becouse Square and Nintendo couldn’t come to an aggreement, and Forced the Character out of the game. He might have taken up the lil random Box. Mabey even the 41st level, if your keeping up with Brawl News.

The other rumor involved a Capcom 3rd party. But it didn’t sound right cuz it basically said Nintendo was angry at capcom for Putting RE4 on the PS2.

Who knows.

P.S. If you wanna see some Interesting Brawl Footage full of Spoilers (as in every character) Watch the video in the link I Posted. It contains every Character’s Final Smash.




4 responses

1 02 2008

Exciting. If only I could find a wii on which to play it…

2 02 2008

I’m a little dissapointed in the video of the Final Smashes. Fox, Falco and Wolf all have the same finish? Sounds a little cheap to me. Link and Windwaker with the same finish? The game’s going to be great but it seems to me that the developers could have done a little more to differentiate and specialize the characters.

6 02 2008

I read about those same rumors too. However the most likely reason for the delay has to do with manufactoring.

Hype and preorders have been increasing steadily. This title is a system mover after all. And as a result Japan is now having problems meeting demand for the game. In fact lots of retailers didn’t get all their orders filled. More games were ordered then Nintendo had produced. People are lining up for the title and Nintendo is now struggling to keep copies flowing. So inorder to avoid the same problems here in NA they delayed the game to provide more time to manufactor enough copies to meet demand. Hype for this game is going throught the roof.

6 02 2008

You’re talking about the second delay. In which case you’re right. But there is evidence that suggests a last minute character change resulting in the Feb 10th delay.

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