The Wiicast Episode 75: No More Oceans

31 01 2008

This week we move into our new set, Review No More Heroes and Endless Ocean, read some viewer mail and choose the Virtual Console Pick of the Week!

Okami is made by CLOVER not Grasshopper
Santa Destroy is (officially) in California, not New Jersey.




10 responses

31 01 2008

What happened to Rewtbeer? I liked that guy’s reviews.

Anyway, great episode as usual.

31 01 2008

what ever gave you the idea the game was in New Jersey? or that Suda 51 made Okami….?

31 01 2008

You do mean episode 75 right?

31 01 2008

@ ohhsnap54: some of the cars have NJ license plates. guess they are from out of town??

31 01 2008

Great new episode! Love the new set!

1 02 2008

by far my fave reviews/news

because its done by a normal guy not some dousche who overly pretends to know everything about everything

keep it up

p.s. GAME in the uk is exactly the same as gamestop i buy online so the day it comes out its on my door and i can just take the day off work a relax

1 02 2008

@anonymous: i owned the game and i never noticed any NJ license plates…maybe it’s cause it’s such a small thing that is almost un-noticeable when you going 80 miles and hour on a tricked out motorbike…
but yeah i wonder why theres NJ license plates..

1 02 2008

Congrats on Ep 75…that’s quite an accomplishment. I think I prefer the up close and funny Will instead of the studio Will. Somehow he seemed a little held back this week.

1 02 2008

yeah i liked it better in the apartment….the studio has that kinda low budget public channel talk show kinda feel….

5 02 2008

the wiicast dude is right. Buy no more heroes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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