Iwata Asks and New Brawl Character Reveal?

28 01 2008

Just in case you guys haven’t been reading here is the Link.


On this page is an ongoing interview with Sakurai, who is, if you arn’t aware (Which you should) Is the Main guy behind Super Smash Brothers Brawl. It’s currently up to Vol. 5 and it’s a pretty good read if your interested in learning more about Brawl, and how it came to be, and why some new things were added.

However, i understand that some of you might Not Want to read the whole thing. Well in Vol. 5 Page 3 is a very interesting mention. When Sakurai is talking about how he was able to use models from previous games on characters in Brawl. Let me quote him for you all.

“Right. The development for Smash Bros. Melee began soon after the GameCube was released and we had to design each character from scratch. This time, however, we were able to borrow characters from various development teams, which was a big help. Take The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess from the Zelda series for example. We were able to design the Smash Bros. characters by adapting them just as they were modeled for the original titles.”

Hopefully you all will understand what part i’m pointing out.

Monday’s update was also very full of info, most likely becouse the game comes out in 3 days in Japan. So before I go, I leave you with this screenshot.

Swim Distance? Sounds like fun!





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