You might be playing brawl… As early as next Week!

27 01 2008

At brawl central i saw quite an interesting update. I know Mr Will is not fond of his gamestops, but they may accually be getting Brawl demos as soon as next week. Not Confirmed but here is the story.

“AnusNinja of SWF, who works at Gamestop, claims that his store may be getting Brawl demos in as early as next week. I called my Gamestop and all they said was they tend to have demos a few weeks before the game is released. I asked if two weeks from now sounds about right and they said most likely.”
-Posted by Chris on

Anyways, that got me excited, of course it could be not true, but still. Words to chew on.




2 responses

27 01 2008

COOL! But wouldnt it be easier if they just put it in the wii shop channel for a free download?

27 01 2008

Yes, that would make a good few people happier. *cough*Will*cough*

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