The Wiicast Episode 74: Mercury Man

24 01 2008

This week we rant about Gamestop, review Harvey Birdman and Mercury Meltdown, answer some mail and pick a virtual console pick of the week!




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24 01 2008

hey will, i think that you should only just focus on one game per week and give a more indepth review on it. Games that are this good actually deserve that treatment.

But if you’re reviewing games that suck, go for doing more than 1.

I noticed that when you review more than 1 game per week that is actually good, the review seems rushed and not 100%.

Other than that, keep doing what your doing

24 01 2008

oh and btw… wheres rewtbeer, i love that guy’s reviews

24 01 2008
hotsy menshot

A-fucking-men… thank you for bitch slapping gamestop. That store sucks balls. Just shop at Walmart. The one by me sometimes puts the games out the night before they are actually available (i got metroid prime 3 on monday night, for example). Hooray!!!

24 01 2008

Just wanna say…once you’re used to the controls on Mercury meltdown revolution, and understand the colorization techniques, you’re perfectly fine and you’ll whizz through the game very quickly. Also, another thing, is that if you got it for $20? Consider yourself f***ing lucky. We have to pay £35 over here, that’s nearly $70 equivalent in the UK. So anyone who complains about the prize of it? You suck as much as gamestop.

– Dwaggie

24 01 2008

Oh my god, I cried of laughter when Will went “Leave the Wii aloooonnneee!”

Haha, oh my god. But yeah, Gamestops preorder system should be terminated. Even in EB Games here in Sweden (I think they are now owned by Gamestop?) they don’t have that kind of system. But it just seems to really.. Well, hurt their buisness. I know pre-orders might be a good way to speculate on how much copies you should buy, but none? That’s just crazy. Especially for Burnout Paradise for the PS3. The PS3 is dying for good games and they don’t even buy any into the store? What the hell 😛

24 01 2008


24 01 2008

WELL THATS WHAT I USE but they didnt get halo 3 in on time!

24 01 2008

Gamestop sucks! other than the warraties that you can get on your games.

I prefer Gamefly or Ebay. I don’t mind waiting for better pricing.

24 01 2008

Never understood why people are so loyal to gamestop. They’re just as bad as the massive corporations. Growing up I hated the way they would offer you so little for your games and sell them for so much higher. That’s why I never step foot in them. Will, just go with whatever’s nearest that typically has games on launch day. Stop wasting your time with pre-orders, Bestbuy’s gotten so large that they’re the overlord of electronics shops. They always have a plethora of launch day copies.

25 01 2008

My friends…. this is why I go to GameCrazy….

27 01 2008

ya i just shop at walmart now for what they did to me when the wii launched u want to know ok i camped for 23 hours i was the 7TH person in line for one and they fucked me the storemanager broght over 3 of his friends and he told us instead of 10 wiis there are only 6 on sale i cussed him out and he said if i continue they will not sell wiis to anyone there that is why i hate gamestop and havent shoped there since last febuary.

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