All IS Well. Wii.Tv UPDATE

21 01 2008

First off, thanks to everyone who emailed me. Everything is fine. I had to work seven days straight at my day job and there have been some medical issues in my household. The show will be back this week. Some interesting news however….NEXT week I’ll be moving the show out of the house. The Wiicast is getting a studio set! I made a great deal with the people over at the Onyx Theater here in las vegas which is really exciting for me.

It seems like has created a podcast entitled “Wii Cast”. I’m NOT affiliated with that site whatsoever. I’m not sure why they thought it would be okay to use our name but nevertheless they are. Keep in mind that the REAL Wiicast is presented to you by and

PS. I’ll be tweaking the main blog today so if you notice any down time….it’s normal.

UPDATE: has apologized for the mix-up and will be changing the name of their podcast. I wish them luck with their new endeavor.




2 responses

21 01 2008

Glad to have you back Will. Awesome on the TV set (now i understand what you ment lol…)

22 01 2008

congrats will

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