The Wiicast Episode 73: The Power is YOU!

10 01 2008

This week we review FOUR games. That’s right! Medal of Honor Heroes 2, Spy Games, Counter Force and a Cult Classic in out Virtual Console Pick of the Week!




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10 01 2008

The soldiers in medal of honor online look like they need a v8.

10 01 2008

I noticed that ‘star’ thing in StarTropics too. It is kind of weird. Although the later weapons are called stars. Maybe there’s some trademark issue with the name ‘yo-yo’?

10 01 2008

I think this was the funniest episode. I’m sure anyone would laugh at how awful Spy Games and Counter Force are. Also, I noticed that you didn’t appear in this episode. Did you get a bad haircut or something?

11 01 2008

Hey Wiicast man! Wishale from admin team here.

Loved this weeks show, but I wanted to throw in.. there are more than 3 multiplayer ‘levels’, theres 6. I suppose you were referring to the styles of gameplay though.

I also wanted to throw in, thanks for mentioning Wiicade!
I’m close(ish) friends with j.banes, one of the admin’s over there and I’m sure he will be happy about this!


12 01 2008

Maybe the reason the yo-yo isn’t called a yo-yo in Star Tropics is because in Bahamut Lagoon the main characters girlfriend is (By standard. you can change her name if you want) is called yoyo. Yeah I know thats a stupid reason but it does raise some stupid questions.

Thanks for the Wiiview on those four games. (Hahah Wiiview get it?…okay, shuting up now) Anyway, I thought that Front mission or close mission (too lazy to look up the name.) was gonna be good. TNX for warning us. Now I can tell my friends never to buy those games.

Other than that, keep up the good wook. I think you’re doing a good job.

14 01 2008

there are 6 maps and 3 different game modes right?

you said that it only has 3 maps…
but you meant 3 modes right?

16 01 2008

Wow, those $20 games look AWFUL! But what would you expect for $20…

I’m sick of WWII based shooters as well. I know COD4 is based in modern Warfare, but it’s still war based so yeah…
I have Startropics on my old NES, but without that cool secret note you get when it’s wet.

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