Harvey Birdman Requires "Basic Reading Skills"

10 01 2008
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Capcom isn’t afraid to tell it like it is with it’s new videogame adaptation of Harvey Birdman for Wii. The game, which is similar to the Phoenix Wright series, is very text heavy. Capcom wants to make sure that you have your Wii Remote, Classic Controller and literacy skills before you pop the game into your console.




6 responses

11 01 2008

Pokemon red and blue had this too. A lot of games (mostly RPGs) have this warning.

11 01 2008

It’s required by Nintendo legal for most games. Check out Tony Hawk.

11 01 2008

all the gba final fantasy games have this same “warning” as well.

11 01 2008

This is very useful for parents of a small child that cannot read yet. Not that my child would be interested in this game. I got my daughter the Disney Princess game for Wii. No reading is required. All in-game dialogue is spoken.

12 01 2008

hey man, i was wondering what the actual feed URL of your cast is?

i’d like to add it to my Zune, and suggest it to the Marketplace.

i’m sure you’d get alot more hits that way:)


12 01 2008

I think the T on the cover should help warn parents of small children who can’t read from buying this game for those little rascals.

I think this is a joke, at least I hope it is…

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