So Close, and yet So Far…

2 01 2008

Welcome WiiCast Viewers too 2008.

Were glad the show is going strong as the year begins.

I’d like too get right too the point though.


The Holiday time is over, back too work and school for alot of you. It sucks i know, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Well. More like a faint blue glow from your Wii. In just a little over a Month, We (NA) Gamers will finally have Brawl in our hands. So this is the time, Now is better then ever to make sure your signed up for the wiicast Boards. Once brawl comes out, the war will be in Full force. You can join a clan, and pick a side as you battle online in team matches over the Web to see who is the Top Brawler. In melee you fought your friends and computers, well here you will find no limit to your competetors. And everybody wants a piece of the Action.


Hope too see you all there. And a Happy new Years from the Admin/Mod Team.




One response

4 01 2008

If only I owned a Wii. It seems that I’m going to miss out on my favorite game.

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