The Wiicast Episode 71: NiGHT of the Falling Blocks

21 12 2007

This week with review TWO games! Nights: Journey of Dreams and Jenga: World Tour. Community spotlight returns with some wacky Smash Bros. character ideas and we polish our lenses for the Virtual Console Pick of the Week.




12 responses

21 12 2007

I was interested in NiGHTS, but it seems that it’s not nearly as great as it could have been. I didn’t expect Jenga to be any good, though.

21 12 2007
Skate Warrior

That’s the first time I have ever heard Will cuss, he just hates the Jenga game that much.

21 12 2007

I still maintain that Nights:JoD looks like something a gay guy dreamt up whilst stoned. XD

21 12 2007

Great wiicast this week Will. I’m really getting into the new rating system and I like it a lot better. Is there a way you could post in this format every week so I can watch it at home on my wii? The new viewer mail is already compatible, it’s just that the gametrailers format isn’t working. Thanks again for another great show!

21 12 2007

Wil, thanks for bringing the show in the different flash player. It loads much, much faster than before and I think it might play on the Wii’s Internet Channel…


21 12 2007

You know, first its late… then we get some bullshit excuse about gametrailers… yet no mention of why viewer mail was completely scrapped, even though 2 posts ago, he said “well, at least you will have viewer mail today even if teh wiicast is late.” Nice job. Real fucking professional. Don’t lie to us, just say “hey, i am busy and fuck this dinky webcast. I didnt have time to do it, fuck ya’ll”. I would appreciate some honesty.

22 12 2007


Calm the hell down, will’s doing his best

he doesn’t Have to do the show

22 12 2007

Then he shouldn’t. Big fucking deal.

22 12 2007

Someone needs a hug.

23 12 2007

Merry Christmas Will.

23 12 2007

Man, people are getting a free service which means you don’t have the right to be bitchy. It’s one guy doing a one man show, on a regular basis. Let’s see any of you bitching punks try and pull that off, and have a coupla full time jobs, and have a life.

Yeah thats what I thought…no dice.

ungreatful motherfuckers

25 12 2007

Good show Will. NiGHTS is probably going to sell because Saturn owners have been waiting for a sequel for over a decade. But it sounds like it might be a disappointment…

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