The Wiicast Episode 69: New Blood

5 12 2007

This week The Wiicast takes on Trauma Center: New Blood, we look at a day in the life of your host, News and the Virtual Console Pick of the Week!




6 responses

5 12 2007

Actually, his name is Gerstmann! And it has now been more or less cleared up on their podcast The Hotspot and articles on 🙂

Anyways, good show as always! I just love the VCPotW! If it only was a liiiittle longer! 😀

5 12 2007

Oh sorry, I just noticed that VCPotW was longer this time! Thanks! 😀

6 12 2007

I’m glad you finally went back and did Sin and Punishment – it’s easily the best twelve bucks I can remember spending in a long time. I absoultely love it.

6 12 2007

Is it me, or does the episode stop around the time of the end of the review? I can’t watch all of it.

7 12 2007

nice someone else likes

sporting the 8bit necktie mucho nice.

-Morrow from the boards.

8 12 2007

It’s good to know that others are paying attention to No More Heroes.

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