Cnet Allegedly Fires Gamespot Editor After Pressure From Advertisers

1 12 2007

You may have seen this story making the rounds yesterday. I’m simply responding to show my support. Game reviewing is a tricky business, especially when you have corporate sponsors. What seems to be the case here is that Gamespot editor Jeff Gertsmann was fired from Gamespot after a harsh review of Kane and Lynch for the PS3/X360. The Rumor is that Edios (publisher of the game) threatened to pull “hundreds of thousands of dollars” in advertising if Gertsmann wasn’t fired for his review. This puts a tricky spin on game reviewing. Clearly if this is true it’s a horrible practice of money before integrity. Support for Jeff is coming from all corners of the internet including competing site 1up who organized a small march on Gamespot’s offices. I’m supportive as well. It’s not the reviewer’s fault if you game is bad and it’s certainty a dirty practice to “bribe” your reviewers. Keep up with the story at the links below:


-Will D’angelo




8 responses

1 12 2007

Good ridance to Jeff Gertsmann, the man was anti-Wii/Nintendo (let alone the factor that Gamespot is all together).

2 12 2007

gerstmann didn’t have a anti-nintendo agenda, you have a anti- gerstmann and pro-blind nintendo fanboy agenda

2 12 2007

(not same anonymous as above)

he may not have been anti-nintendo, but he was a terrible reviewer all around

2 12 2007

He was good because he said what he thought of the games, regardless of pressure from fanboys or other media. And people that freaked out of the Zelda 8.8 score are just stupid fanboys. 8.8 is a great score, people are soooo inflated by game scores that can ONLY be between 9-10 for good games, and crap games get an 8 or 7, which is wrong, 5/10 is an okay game, 8.8 is really really great game.

I liked Jeff, his reviews were honest and people tend to forget that reviewers speak their mind, not others and a review is not some kind of factual stamp on a game on how good it is. It’s all up to the individual gamer to decide. It’s just one persons opinion!

2 12 2007

Yeah, this is messed up…

2 12 2007

I have to admit I was a little mad at him for his Zelda review on a purely fanboy level, but come on, we’re talking about the guy’s job here. I may not have agreed with his reviews but they’re his own opinions. If the story is true then that’s just plain wrong. I definitely have to side with everyone in support of Jeff.

2 12 2007

“GW said…
gerstmann didn’t have a anti-nintendo agenda, you have a anti- gerstmann and pro-blind nintendo fanboy agenda”

I own a Xbox (I also liked Sega when it was around) as well but I do think Sony is the anti-Christ of gaming. Gerstmann was a Sony-whore all the way and I can’t comment how many times he’s slammed Nintendo fans and games (if you watch his 2006 E3 Review he’s slammed Zelda fans). He (along with the Gamespot staff) is why I hardly use Gamespot as a legitiment source for news or reviews.

3 12 2007

Does anybody have an integrity anymore within gaming as a whole? Seriously, all you people flooding this post with fanboyism, dont you have the forums to that for, whyd you have to bring it other places aswell, places that I thought were safe from people like you…thats why I don’t check game forums because yes its either my penis, I mean gaming console is better than yours, were all here to enjoy games people so just STFU and leave it in the forums.

Anyway back on subject, I think its a tough break for gamespot, I mean moral dilema, you can either have principles and be like no were sticking by our guy and go hungrey or say okay okay, we need to live and we need money to live so there..tbh I reckon gamespot could of survived without eidos, I mean they have waay more advertisers there anyway, they would of just had to work round it for a while. Everyone should be storming Eidos’s offices instead of Gamespots, I mean they’re the ones who thought them buying advertising on Gamespots site owed them a good review. and theyre the ones who put the screws on for seemingly not getting there moneys worth, I would so like to see that contract because all this smells, how can Eidos just pull out of an advertising deal like that, theres no clause I bet in there that if we dont get a good review we can pull out our money for you advertising are game. I mean that game was never going to sell anyway, its too near the holidays with too many other good games people need to spend their money on first.

anyway that was kind of a rant and probably not the best place for it but yeah. F*** Eidos, not necessarily Gamespot…okay maybe a little.

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