About That RE:UC Review….

24 11 2007

Okay guys I screwed up. I Clearly did not have enough time with RE:UC to warrant a review. I’ve just finished. Contrary to what I had said in the review, the Zapper controls are actually really good. All of my complaints about the controls faded away. It’s a case of RTFM. I’m completely sure that I’m not the first reviewer to come into this problem and I won’t be the last. However, The score of the game remains an 8.0. It’s a solid game, an excellent rail shooter and a treasure trove for RE fans. However I still think the pace is a bit slow even though the later levels pick up a bit. Sorry for the confusion. Sound off on the message boards about the game!




7 responses

25 11 2007

damn straight i was about to come in here and be like wtf go play the game agian u can use Teh Z button as a.

28 11 2007

What is that picture of. I think he changed it because he was getting sued. Game is o kay.

28 11 2007

This game is fucking awesome. I loved shooting kick ass zombies.

28 11 2007

That guy that was swearing alot probably is 4. He is a jack crack.

28 11 2007

why am i talking to a 4 year old retard he cant diss fo drugs.

28 11 2007

But exactly what have you discovered about the Zapper that has changed your views? after all it’s a shell, what could you of possibly overlooked?

29 11 2007

I got confused when you said you had to use the A button. The zapper isn’t necessary, but I think it helps with getting in the mood to blow away some zombies.

Everyone makes mistakes. I’ve only watched a couple videos so far, but it’s entertaining so far. People giving you loads of shit need to grow up.

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