The Officially Licenced Wii Tower Gaming Station

23 11 2007

This is pretty sweet. While shopping at Walmart yesterday i ran across the officially licenced Wii Tower Game Station. This thing is really cool. It’s shiny, has the Wii logo on it and holds 18 games, 4 remotes or nunchucks, the Wii console and more. I picked it up for $69.99. It’s sleek and stylish. A perfect addition to any Wii fans living/game room. Check out the Flickr set below.

Flickr Set




8 responses

23 11 2007
Matthew Gallant

That looks really nice, what a great find!

23 11 2007
Steve D

You paid $70 for that?

25 11 2007
Steve H.

You let your dog sniff your Wii?

27 11 2007

$70 is quite a bit for it…I don’t think I would even pay $50 for it.

5 12 2007

on clearance at my local walmart for $49.00

28 12 2007

Santa brought this for the kids. I believe the box had a red Walmart Sticker stating $24.95.

31 01 2008

I love this awesome tower!

I’m a Wal-mart employee and found it in my store on clearence for$39.00. Check the furniture section of your Wal-mart where the desks and T.V. stands are. Hope you get lucky!

6 04 2008

just found it in my walmart on clearance for $10

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