Hands on with the Wii Remote Jackets

31 10 2007

Orion here, this time i’m going to talk about the Wii Remote Jackets.

Now just in case you didn’t know. Nintendo has been running this (http://www.nintendo.com/consumer/jacket/jacketrequest.jsp)
If you enter your Wii’s serial #, you are allowed too Order up too 4 jackets for Free! As long as you have a My Nintendo Account and a Working Address that is.

Now while i was first shocked that Nintendo was doing all of this for free i found out you only have a limited time. Soon, every Wii remote, either in systems, or By themselves or even in Wii Play. Every wii remote will come with a jacket! So i figured what the hell lets see what they are. Now just so you know, i ordered 4 even though i only have 2 remotes.

Anyways, Nintendo has started shipping them out, and while lots of people are still waiting for theirs. I was fortunate too Recieve mine. And this is what they are!

As you can see they are see through, and there are 5 main holes in the Jacket, The D pad and A button, the B Trigger, the Misc. Port, a little hole for the Sensor to go through and the Main hole so that all your other buttons are easily accessable. Also, small but interesting, the Power Button is under the Jacket, so you have to press harder to turn it off. No more Interupted games eh?

The Jacket feels great IMO. It feels very snug, and helps you get a grip on it pretty good. It’s easy too take off when you need too replace batteries. if you have a charger you may have to remove it a bit more often. The Front is obviously Very Thick! I guess nintendo doesn’t wanna hear any more stories of,”Oh my wii remote broke my TV becouse i swung it too hard!” I doubt we ever will again. Also, the Jacket has a Plug that Covers the Misc Port. When you need to use a nunchuck or classic controller you will have too move it out of the way, which could be annoying in its own right if you’re constantly shifting your accessories.

All in all, i love em, they work great, and people with big hands will especially like them. If you haven’t ordered some now, i reccomend that you do!




3 responses

31 10 2007

I got mine yesteday (Oct. 30th). I love them and they do feel really nice in your had. The kind make the wiimote look weird but, no biggy.

31 10 2007

How does it feel when they are played with the Wiimote used sideways, NES style?

31 10 2007

It feels great, i think it will make the controller option for brawl feel a bit better too, even though i’m going too stick too the gamecube when the time comes XD

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