Rumor: No Retail Demos of Smash Bros. or Link’s Crossbow Training.

13 09 2007

Information coming out of the Gamestop manager’s Meeting reveals that there may not be retail demos of Super Smash Bros: Brawl or Link’s Crossbow Training. According to the source, Nintendo is more concerned about finishing both products and getting them out to market rather than completely stopping production to work on a demo version of either games for retail or home use. Could this affect either games being shown at TGS as well? This doesn’t really come as a surprise considering they shipped complete copies (in advance) of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption to Gamestop stores as “demos” last month. No word on whether or not the same logic will apply to Super Mario Galaxy later this fall. Nintendo seems to be scrambling to finish their software on time which contradicts past comments that Smash Bros “is so far in development it could be released any day”. Stay tuned for more updates.




3 responses

13 09 2007

“Could this affect either games being shown at TGS as well?”

Nintendo isn’t attending TGS…

13 09 2007

Where’s the Wiicast!

and where did that demo wii screen come from

13 09 2007

The screen came from a ign wii board poster who said that he been sent the smash bros beta demo…

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