The Wiicast: Episode 55: Achievement Unlocked

22 08 2007

Metroid gets “Achievements”. News gets a new look. Dreamcast gets some love. Viewers get mail. Virtual Console games are picked. And much, MUCH more!

High Quality Here:




11 responses

22 08 2007

Ah, I would really love to see Shenmue 3 on the Wii, because the way you look when examing things would be much more fun, all the small puzzles and stuff like working! Carrying boxes and driving fork truck would be so awesome!

But ack, that franchise is dead. 😛 Good show though! 🙂

22 08 2007

Maybe a choo choo rocket sequel with online play???

22 08 2007

You have got to be kidding about the PSP not having problems with dead pixels.

22 08 2007

Neutopia is definitely worth checking out. Blatant Zelda 1 clone, but a good one. This was a very good week for the VC.

22 08 2007

Good call johan about Shenmue! However a silly call with Capcom vs SNK 2 because they already released that game for GC (I own it) and its great. Why port it to Wii? What would you do add waggle? That would be folly! Ding dong call.

22 08 2007

why wasn’t shenmue on there? -respect man

22 08 2007

The reason shenmue was not on the lis twas because it’s already been picked up on XBox….And the series is on hold.

22 08 2007

I’m sad you didn’t give me credit for giving you the tip of viewing games when you were talking.

22 08 2007

Good show, although I really think that Ecco the Dolphin should get a wii-make…seeing as how Sega <3's Nintendo right now, and it is easy to imagine several great Wii-mote only control schematics for the game it should have been on your list instead of two different fighting games.

23 08 2007

Great show! I was just wondering if you could possibly make your site compatible with the wii internet channel. Anyway, just a suggestion.
Love the show!

13 01 2008

By the way,when you mentioned the wireless Nunchuck.The company Nyko is manufacturing one.

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