Game Crazy Stores, Hollywood Video Closing Forever?

14 08 2007

Rumor has it that this week Dothan’s Movie Gallery, Parent company of both Hollywood video and Game Crazy stores, may have already or is planning to file bankruptcy. Reports are confirming that the closing of stores is happening in California and moving east across the country. Stocks plummeted 65 percent in July when shareholders learned that Dothan’s could not meet he financial obligations of a loan. Since that time Dothan’s has sent out a press release stating:

“The Company does not intend to comment further publicly with respect to its evaluation process of strategic and restructuring alternatives until its conclusion.”

Full release HERE

So, What does this mean for Gamers? Well basically (in the US) our only option to purchase games will be Gamestop, Target, Walmart etc. The big gain here is for Gamestop who absorbed Electronics Boutique and it’s subsidiaries a couple of years ago. Personally, Gamecrazy has never been a destination for myself when looking for new games. However they did carry plastic (Classic NES, SNES, N64) which was convenient. We’ll have to wait and see what happens when the company decides to make a statement. Until then, drool over the possibility of some really good clearance deals in the coming months.

Props to “Thin Gray Line” for the press info.




5 responses

16 08 2007

I’d believe it, because just down the street from me, they’re tearing down a Hollywood/Game Crazy and turning it into a bank.

It especially sucks because it was the only game store near me other than Wal-Mart.

24 08 2007

i got a letter in the mail saying that all game crazy stores in newyork state close on 9/17/07

12 10 2007

I recommend trying a Play N Trade if your lucky enough to have one near you. The new stores are amazing!!

23 10 2007

The GameCrazy stores in Mo are closing too. It seems they are having problems right now. So go to PlayNTrade to get all the new ang used games and consoles. Its prices are much better than GameStop too.

31 12 2007

We made the mistake of buying a warranty on a Wii through this company. It clearly said they would refund the money in 30 days.

We went to the store on the 29th day and they refused. They said there were no refunds. They then looked at the contract and changed the story but only a manager can give a refund. There was no manager there.

We came back the next day on the 30th day to get a refund and same story no manager. We came back on the 31st day and the manager finally showed up two hours later and they refused a refund because it was the 31st day.

What a bunch of crooks.

They are conducting business just like a bankrupt company.

Do not do business with them.

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