The Wiicast Episode 50!

18 07 2007

Take a look at the top 10 Wii games from E3 2007! Virtual Console Pick of the Wiik and a brand new Wiirdo for your enjoyment. All this and more!

High Quality Here:




10 responses

18 07 2007

Why did you not mention Mario Kart for the Wii on your top ten E3 moments? Come on, Mario Kart! Are you Crazy?

18 07 2007

You left out Smash Bros Brawl and c’mon Wii fit, where’s wii fit?
In the VCPOTW part, a lot of your voice over i could hear because the music was loud. You should also talk about Wii Fit because that was the centerpiece of the Nintendo conference.

18 07 2007

*correction. I couldn’t hear because the music was too loud.

18 07 2007

Great episode. Somehow that blob game just passed me by, I’ll definitely have to keep an eye on it now that I know it’s gonna exist.

18 07 2007

iv’e tried de blob(or der blob as it was called due to it being a dutch game) and to pc i just have to say it sucked big time. with some major upgrade like more variation it might be playable tough so let’s hope for the best.

18 07 2007

Hey man, hope the tonsillitis gets better soon.

Also, great episode, man.

18 07 2007

Good Episode dude, hope the pain goes away soon. And remember guys this is Will’s e3 picks, we each have our own

19 07 2007
Crotalus Atrox

As always another great episode even with the health issues. Been a great run of episodes heres looking forward to the next 50

22 07 2007

Anonymous said: “or der blob as it was called due to it being a dutch game”

I hate it so much when German and Dutch are mixed up. In some way you Americans mix up German with Dutch. I have even watched some Hollywood productions in which the “Dutch” characters where talking authenic Dutch to keep it realistic, except it was German! Der Blob is German, in Holland we say De Blob (true, only one letter difference, but a big difference in pronouncuation). I know most of you couldn’t care less, since most of you think Amsterdam is a country and all Dutch people live there (it is actually our capital). In other words, most of you don’t know much about Holland, but nevertheless I couldn’t let this go by…

a Dutchman

23 07 2007

I didn’t liked this e3.. all the titles they’ve presented were all knowns (Except Mario kart wii).. and i didn’t liked the balance board :/
the fact is that i’d like all the producers concentrates on the wiimote… so all of us players can get more benefit…
However, i still like the wii, even if the N conference was not much of a conference 😛

and.. boooo Mario kart should have been in the top 10 XD

When i’ve seen those meds, i got a li’l worry… didn’t see the wiicast blog for a while ^^ i hope u’ll get better soon 😉

Oh… Congratulations for the 50th episode 😉


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