The Wiicast Celebrates 50 Episodes Tonight

17 07 2007

For Immediate release.

July 17th 2007

Las Vegas NV.
This week marks the 50th episode of the hit web show “The Wiicast”. After more than a year of hard work and a content partnership with Gametrailers and MTV networks, The Wiicast is still going strong. As our community grows, so too must our website, staff and resources. In the coming weeks we have some exciting plans for The Wiicast including a brand new website, audio podcast and community events.

The Wiicast
The Wiicast is a weekly web show dedicated to Wii software news, rumors, reviews and community. Each week the show is broken up into segments such as: News/Rumors, Video Review, Viewer Mail, Virtual Console Pick of the Week and Te Wiikly Wiirdo. The Show is hosted by Will D’angelo.

Will D’angelo – Will D’angelo started the Wiicast over a year ago as a way to reach the members of a message board with the latest Wii news. After positive responses and encouragement from the community the episodes became longer and more content was added until the format resembled what it is today.

Jonathan Rector – Jonathan (also known as RewtBeer) handles the “Wiikly Wiiviews” on the Wiicast website. He reviews Wii software and Virtual Console games that we don’t get to cover on the Wiicast Proper.

David Owns – David (AKA Daveman) has been keeping his own Wii review blog for some time now ( ) and we are very happy to welcome him as the newest member of the podcast crew.

Our New Audio Podcast
The Wiicast audio Podcast has been created as a direct request from our viewers and visitors. The podcast will be more informal that the Wiicast video show and will include more relaxed language. As well as Wii news, the podcast crew will discuss viewer mail, message board issues and general gaming. The show will be hosted by Jonathan Rector, Dave Owns and Will D’angelo

Our New Website
The New Wiicast website will be the next step to making The Wiicast website an easy and enjoyable place to visit. Moving away from Blogger, we are switching to a WordPress format for a cleaner and more organized look. This new website will feature sections for easily finding classic Wiicast episodes, Wiicast Skits, Contact information and a section entirely devoted to Gaming Clocks. You can test drive the beta site at

Our Message Boards
Introduced in April of this year, the Wiicast message boards ( now has over 1000 members and a strong community. Besides discussing the weekly episodes of The Wiicast there are user art sections, News sections and general discussion. Our community grows larger every day!

Our Accomplishments
Each week our show grows larger with some episodes reaching more than 35,000 viewers. Our short film “The BlueLight Zone: Eye of the MiiHolder” was selected as one of the top ten finalists in the Nintendo Shortcuts Showcase.

Our Community
The Wiicast would like to thank our community for their generous support throughout the past year. We hope that we can continue to provide quality news and content in an entertaining way. Specifically we would like to thank:

Scott Alexander- Playboy Magazine
Kevin Cassidy –
Alexander Sliwinski-
Brad Winters and Kelly Campbell –
Golin Harris

Thank you all for a wonderful year.

The Wiicast-
New Beta Site-
The Wiicast on Gametrailers-
Message Boards-

William D’angelo
The Wiicast




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