The Wiicast 49: Pre E3!

11 07 2007

A full 30 minutes of E3 predictions, Viewer mail, a review of Harry potter, the Wiikly Wiirdo, VcPotW and more!

High Quality Here:




6 responses

11 07 2007

I like the show, learn new things about the wii. But i notice there was an error in the cast, you do not lose your game downloads in the xbox, you still need the same xbox live account to download them, but you still can do it. Not any worse than to download in the same wii, or call costumer support for the wii breaking. (Not a point in favor of either console here), as you can re download in both. Yet to be seen what is for example a game is no longer availble for download in the wii shop, would people that downloaded the item before still be able to do so? It seems the ps3 has shown aparently you cannot, since crash for ps1 cannot be downloaded anymore, I still have mine, but cannot see it on the shop anymore. Great show, but you should not comment on things you are not 100% sure on. I do have the xbox, so i am 100% sure you can download again, even the game the comes bundled Hexic HD. I have done so, with a couple of games/media without paying again.

11 07 2007

Cool show and nicely done as always and can’t wait for the next episode. Also i was wondering if Will or if anybody in the Wii Boards are planning on get the wii2 if it comes out.

11 07 2007

Not sure what you mean about the “Halo DS stunt.” He talked about it in the capacity of a game that was in development but got cancelled. Not something we can really refute, although he never did provide any proof. But come on, the guy does have access to info we don’t. He gave really big hints about Soul Caliber Legends before it was announced, and I think the Sonic and Mario Olympics game too.. although he was under embargo for both and couldn’t outright say anything.

11 07 2007

wooo Wii Fit have been announced!

12 07 2007

I didn’t think you Americans got Dr Who?

12 07 2007

iMovie editing. Oh well..

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