Want a preview of the new TheWiicast.com?

8 07 2007

Head on over here:


Let me know what you guys think.




14 responses

8 07 2007

I like this site better

8 07 2007

Oh snap, muthafugga!!!!!!!!*

*reference to wiicast 34

I like it, Will!

8 07 2007

That new website looks way better then the one you currently have. AWESOME!!!!!!

8 07 2007

I set up a wordpress account just to comment on the new site once it comes out.

9 07 2007

definitly go witht that


9 07 2007

Whats wrong with this site? Are you just going to wordpress because of the different layout?

9 07 2007

The homepage of the new site looks much better. but then again, i am a non-gamer so what do I know. Good luck with it. can’t wait to see the next wiicast.

9 07 2007

I like the new one. 😀

It seems a lot more professional looking.

9 07 2007

The new site is neat, i approve lol. All it needs is a link to the forums

9 07 2007

Well it’s all in progress right now. I wont be launching it for a couple of weeks. Everything will be in place, Don’t worry.

9 07 2007

Hi, looks much better…I would put a little more effort into the banner, maybe put your mii in there somewhere. You are the reason people tune in, so your face should be in it in some capacity.

9 07 2007

here are some banners I have created that you may like to use for your new wiicast page: http://www.therubberfish.com/wiicast-banner1.jpg and http://www.therubberfish.com/wiicast-banner2.jpg

10 07 2007

looks better than the usual homepage and Will please add my to your address book my wii # is 6333 0996 1381 8462.

10 07 2007

Maybe you should go for a blue’ish design. Because the green reminds me of the 360.

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