The Wiicast: Episode 52 Classic Games Expo 2007

31 07 2007

The Wiicast goes retro with full Nintendo coverage of CGE 2007! Want to see some of the strangest Nintendo Products ever made? Want to see an interview with “The King of Videogames” Todd Rogers? Then tune in! This is an episode you won’t want to miss! Also we tackle our top 3 most wanted VC games that DON’T SUCK! Plus more!

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Show Note: Party, Vegas Style!

31 07 2007
Biker Gnome and Will kickin’ it in Las Vegas

Well guys it’s been a busy weekend. Sorry for the lack of posting. Biker Gnome (Our camera guy) and I were covering the Classic Games Expo in Las Vegas for the show. This is going to be a really great episode! We’ll take you on a tour of the expo, show you some really cool ( and strange) Nintendo stuff and even have an interview with “The King of Videogames”, Todd Rogers. I hope you all tune in for the show tomorrow night!

PS. The Virtual Console selection SUCKED ASS this week so instead of the normal VCPOTW I’m doing a Top 3 Most wanted list of VC games.

Wiicast Wiikly Video Review by Rewt Beer Ep. 9

27 07 2007

Finishing up Good ol’ Zelda

The Wiicast: Episode 51!

24 07 2007

“Teh First Annual Internets Spelling Bee”, Rockstar News and rumors, A new princess, Viewer mail is back! The Virtual Console Pick of the Week and the Wiikly Wiirdo!

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The Wiicast Audio Podcast Episode 2

22 07 2007

(click –>)Episode 2
The second episode of the Wiicast Audio Podcast. This week we cover all sorts of randomness, Donkey Shows, Harry Potter, E3 and MUCH more.
Enjoy! *Warning Explicit*

Take De Blob for a Test Spin on Your PC

21 07 2007

In case you were wondering about the upcoming Wii game De Blob, Filefront is hosting the PC demo of the game. Check it out and see what you think! Click the Filefront button to download.

RewtBeer’s Wiikly Wiiview

20 07 2007

Zelda and more Zelda!