New ‘No More Heroes’ Details from EGM

8 06 2007

Anyone have the new issue of EGM? Apparently this is what they have to say about NMH:

The June edition of EGM has this info on No More Heroes:

– It won’t be a minigame fest or another unoriginal boring game like most other 3rd party Wii games.

– The game will be very different from Killer7 in several ways. First of all, it’s an open world. No more on-rails. Second, the story focuses on one hero Travis, his maturation and how he gets involved into a big assassin competition. Travis is also a big anime and manga otaku.

– The camera will move around during the swordplay so you can determine the best way to attack an enemy. The height and angle of the Wiimote movement will determine the attack. There’s a learning curve to this, but skilled players should be able to slice ‘n dice with ease and fun.

– The SchpelTiger bike will be used to move from one location to the other. There won’t be enemies during this, but it could be that there are scripted on-bike battles. (I guess this means that there could be an on-bike boss battle)

What I can see from the screenshots:
– There’s a shot where Travis is on his bike in front of what looks to be a Mexican border crossing, there’s one where he’s on the street (love the palm trees), one during his fight with the schoolgirl (forgot her name), and one during the fight with DestroyMan (Travis apparently got punched and is lying down on the floor with blood around him). There are some vague black figures in the foreground of that shot as if there are spectators or something. Since this battle is on a movie set, maybe there’s going to be a fake audience? I could just be seeing things though.

– Looks good. Big outdoor enviroments. Lovely style and setting.

– The lifebar for Travis is now the shape of a big heart composed of little pink blocks. The blocks get dark for the damage you take.

– There’s a little drawing of a tiger in the top-right. Never noticed that before. Don’t know what it means.

Sounds good to me! Now I just need SCREENSHOTS!





2 responses

8 06 2007
Skate Warrior

Thanks so much Will for digging this up. NMH has been my most highly anticipated Wii game since before launch.

8 06 2007
Skate Warrior

Thanks so much Will for digging this up. NMH has been my most highly anticipated Wii game since before launch.

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