Wiicast Wiikly Video Review: PBR and RE4

30 06 2007

Today RewtBeer takes a look at Resident Evil 4, and Pokemon Battle Revolution! Enjoy!


Playboy Responds.

30 06 2007

The story we posted on the article in Playboy about the benefits of gaming sure has made it around the web. In response to our article Scott Alexander from Playboy left us a comment to give us some info about Playboy’s Gaming coverage.

Glad to hear you enjoyed our July sidebar. Not sure how unconventional the coverage is, though. You’ll find a page on videogames in every issue of Playboy, as well as a full feature every November. And we love us some Nintendo (you’ll find a Metroid Prime 3 review in the September issue). Thanks much for the plug.

Scott Alexander
Playboy Magazine

Game coverage every month? Full gaming features every November? Quality articles and Naked ladies? Game Informer, eat your heart out. The world is truly a great place to be.


30 06 2007

To celebrate the arrival of Apple’s new iPhone (which I can’t afford) here’s a classic Wiicast skit about the teaming up of Nintendo and Apple. Enjoy your Saturday!

I Only Read It For the Articles, I Swear.

28 06 2007
Click for larger image.

The July issue of Playboy has an interesting article in their review section called “Justification Station”. Among talking about issues like how gaming improves your eyesight, the article mentions the benefits of playing the Wii as well as the benefits of Brain Training. Great to see Nintendo getting coverage in an unconventional medium.

Another interesting note: Miss July’s turn-ons are tattoos and guys with confidence.

The Wiicast: Episode 47!

26 06 2007

One hat to rule them all. We get down and dirty with RE4! We whine about Manhunt 2! We pick a Wiirdo and a Virtual Console game! We do lots of stuff this week!

High Quality:

Resident Evil: UC Secret Gameplay Trailer

26 06 2007

This is the trailer included with Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition.

Another DIY Donkey Kong Clock…With Legos!

26 06 2007

Lego has a new product out called “Lego Mosaics” Basically it’s a 16×16 Lego sheet that comes with a variety of single bricks. I found that these sets make some great pixel art. Once I had my hands on one of these sets, my mission became clear. If you’re a constant reader you’ll know by now that I have a mild obsession with creating videogame themed clocks. So without haste I got to work creating a new clock. This project was more expensive that my last clock projects (ringing in at almost $30) but mainly that was due to the price of the Legos. Here’s how it breaks down:

Lego Mosaic Large Set- $19.99 (two boards and about 600 bricks)
Clock kit- $8.00
Replacement hands for clock- $1.75

It’s a pretty self explanatory project but there are some specific instructions. You’ll need to drill a hole into the Lego sheet in order to install your clockworks. Make sure you use the appropriate sized drill bit and GO SLOW. if you find that the clock fits a little loose in the drilled hole, you can secure it with some packing tape. Be creative, 8 bit sprites work the best but feel free to experiment. For a more secure fit use glue to affix your bricks to the board.

This is definitely my favorite clock so far. It’s a great conversation piece and a really easy project to do while you’re watching TV or you’re just bored. Happy Crafting!