The Wiicast: Episode 38: BIRTHDAY!

24 04 2007

I give Jack Thompson a piece of my mind.
In this episode of the wiicast we cover news and rumors…then PARTY! come along with us on a Las Vegas roadtrip as we celebrate one year of The wiicast with the best clips from the past. Strap yourself in for user-created birthday greetings and the VCPotW!

High Quality here:




5 responses

24 04 2007
Té la mà Maria

Hello I am visiting your blog-Web and I like much. Congratulations

If you want you can visit ours, one is but irreverent and iconoclastic blog of the world, and one is in Catalonia – Spain

Thank you very much


25 04 2007

Another great Wiicast. I have a special love for this one though if only for the Thompson rompin ya do at the beggining of the episode. Some good memories of past Wiicasts, look forward to the memories of whats to come a year from now.

Dispsosaurus from Gametrailers

25 04 2007

your awesome, congrats


27 04 2007

This wiicast was awsome, liked the the user movies the best exspecially the dude with the sombrario and the guy playing guitar hero was crazy lol

– Tommy bones from game trailers

30 04 2007

Fantastic JT beat-down! I’ve always despised that freak’s love for displacing responsibility.

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