Wow. Just Wow.

18 04 2007

I’m not really sure what to think of this. Should I be amused..or very, very scared….




6 responses

18 04 2007

Jeez, I guess these people have nothing else better to do then just make fun of The Wiicast. LOL

18 04 2007

Somewhere i heard that the highest lvl of praise is to be copied.

19 04 2007
Jonathan Rector


20 04 2007

That had to be the gayest vid EVER. No life, why make fun of the wii cast. I love this place and will’s vids total ass.

20 04 2007

I dont think he’s making fun. he’s spoofing, which is different. Actually after thinking about it, i kind of like it LOL

20 04 2007

Well…it had potential to be a good parody but…it just wasn’t very funny, the spinning spoof in the beggining was ok but the rest was just poorly done.

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