The Wiicast: Episode 37!

18 04 2007

Sorry about this week being light (As far as site updates go) been some things happening here in Vegas. Anyway back to work!

Episode 37!
Snatcher? Samba? Who knows, but we’ve got viewer mail! Plus a Super Paper Mario Review and the Virtual Console Pick of the Week returns!
Special thanks to Grant for the new intro!

Higher quality (MOV, WMV, IPOD) Here:

Enjoy! and get on those forums!




6 responses

18 04 2007

where are the message boards!

18 04 2007


18 04 2007

Great episode! But I don’t think you answered that guy’s question about the wireless router.

18 04 2007

i cant see this like i noramally do on my wii…i think there may be too much stuff on the page loading at once or something…

19 04 2007

Good show again, would like to see any info. on the RE 4 Wii remake. What the hell?


21 04 2007

Why ‘sadly not Mike Tyson’s Punch Out?’ It’s the exact same game with a different sprite for the final boss. Personally, I prefer it without him. It’s Nintendo’s Punch Out and it never needed the lame sports celebrity tie-in to be the awesome game that it is.

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