New Umbrella Chronicles Gameplay Trailer, Screensots. (Update: Embeded Video)

13 04 2007

A new trailer has popped up for Umbrella Chronicles on Capcom’s Japanese website. The 29 second trailer shows how the games on-rails segments will be played along with quick cuts of the characters in the game. The icing though, comes in the form of seeing one of the bosses in the game. An enormous snake. It’s huge. All in all looks like these “On Rails” segments might not be as bad as we thought. Check out the trailer on the website, click the middle button and it’s the option on the right once the player pops up. Clicking the button to the right of the trailer button will bring up the new screenshots.

Embeded video via Gonintendo




3 responses

13 04 2007

Sweet. I can’t wait for this game!

14 04 2007

Man, I love the new Screensots.

14 04 2007

Hey Will, ya know what i love about the trailer? The Destructable Environments! that part just looks AWESOME

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