Nights: Journey Into Dreams, the Official Title.

2 04 2007

Sure it was kind of confirmed a couple of days ago, but today, Sega officially announced it to Famitsu Magazine. Sega Fanboys rejoice! look for Nights: Journey into Dreams (Japanese title) Winter 2007/2008.

“In 1996, we created the NiGHTS character to achieve a concept of ‘being refreshed from being able to fly in the sky’. 11 years later, at last, we have broken our silence. NiGHTS will now fly in a new dream world: new stages, new story, and on the new Wii platform. Please look forward to NiGHTS and friends exploring this brand new adventure.”

Famitsu Article Here.




3 responses

3 04 2007

Is…is THIS one an April Fools joke? O_O If it’s true, then AWESOME, I wonder how it’ll be to play with the Wii-mote?

3 04 2007

you are so awesome. I love your reviews. Dont worry about investors, I’m planning on giving about 4,000 dollars to your cause. Dont be thankful. just improving on your craft. Your awesome. Expect it about early may.

7 04 2007

That would be pretty cool to see it come out. I actually have Nights and Christmas Nights as well as my old Saturn to play them on. It’s a bit of a kid’s game in setting, but as I think most of you know, some of these kids games can be quite tough. (Especially when you’re trying to get a decent ranking.)

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