Disaster: Day of Crisis and Project H.A.M.M.E.R. "Indefinitely Postponed"

1 04 2007

“Disaster” and “Hammer” are some of the least hyped first party Wii titles. Little is known about either of these games except for very short trailers, beta demos (hammer) and tiny screenshots. Nintendo has been especially quiet about these games also, focusing more on Super Paper Mario and such. Well there’s good news and bad news, kids. Friday I was speaking with my press rep from Nintendo. We got to talking about upcoming events, games like Boogie and Godfather etc. Eventually the conversation got around to Hammer and Disaster. I asked if we should expect to see them this year. “Those projects have been indefinitely postponed.” she told me. I asked her if they were cancelled and she said, “They’re not officially cancelled but I wouldn’t count on seeing them until 2010 if at all.” Apparantly, Nintendo wants to focus more on the flagship franchises and is more concerned about getting them out the door before pushing onward with new software. Monolith has been taken off “Disaster” to focus their work on helping to complete various titles as well as the “Hammer” team. This surely is sad news, but as Miyamoto would no doubt say “I’d rather indefinitely postpone a game to make it better.” Well here’s hoping both teams can get back to work soon and pull these to products to the finish line. Interesting to note, Nintendo has removed all mention of BOTH games on it’s website’s software index.




2 responses

1 04 2007

It’s April 1.

2 04 2007

That was the best April fools joke I heard this year. Really. Awesome. I’m really interested in Disaster, it looks like it could be a sleeper, like Killer 7.

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