Jobo’s Weekly Virtual Console Predictions!

26 03 2007

User Jobo42 on the IGN boards has recently been doing a weekly VC prediction thread. Sometimes he’s right, sometimes he’s not, but it’s always fun!
Full Post Here
Check out the whole tread for videos and more fun stuff.

Here’s JoBo42’s weekly predictions!

1. Zelda II
Synopsis: Link saves a princess and frees a land from evil. Original!
Recommendation: Yeah, as long as you don’t already own it and/or you don’t have the GC collection.

2. Starfox 64 (skeptical) (scratch one bogey!)
Synopsis: Take the talons of fox (yeah, I know. Falco ^^ on the brains) and save the Lylat System from evil space demons and such…bad guys.
Recommendation: As said above, skeptical but if it comes…GET IT GET IT GET IT!!!

3. Galaga (either this or gradius)
Synopsis: I’m guessing you are just fighting space ships.
Recommendation: Yeah, if you like top-down shooters and annoying sounds, but otherwise, pass it.

4. Zombies Ate My Neighbors (here we go again…)
Synopsis: Play as a kool cid (heh, I switched letters…A TWIST!) that tries to save his neighborhood from a horde of zombies. Think of it as dead rising, but in a neighborhood, and with 3d glasses, and no crazy people.
Recommendation: I don’t really know on this one. Looks cool, but seems a bit on the boring side. Up to your opinion this time.

5. TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Synopsis: Four freakish creatures save the world from evil ninjas and a human Wolverine fanboy.
Recommendation: Yeah, awesome game.

Well what do you guys think about the predictions for this week?




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