It’s a secret to everyone!

9 03 2007

Recently I have been getting a lot of viewer mail regarding how I play my Wii, How it’s positioned, etc. Here is a pic of my current gaming setup in Las Vegas:

Yes, I keep my Wii in the horizontal position because, as you can see, my dog Oak would seriously think about knocking it down if it were in the “cooler” vertical position. The picture was taken from directly behind my couch so basically that’s what I see when I’m playing. My Wii is hooked up to the tv using 3rd party component cables. The TV it’s self is a flat panel LCD.

What does your Wii setup look like? Post a link to the pics in comments, or email them to me and I’ll post them on the site.




2 responses

9 03 2007

Well, it’s not quite as snazy as yours, and the curtains haven’t been changed since I was like, 5. Same with the top of the dresser…
I got a second Nunchuck since that pic too…

16 03 2007

you bring my system set up to shame. curse you and your couch…with the wine colored leather…and the large speakers…and the hd tv…*drools*

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