Adventure Quest/Dragon Fable Contest…FIGHT!

20 01 2007

Okay guys here’s the details for the Wiicast Adventure Quest/Dragon Fable contest:

What if Apple and Nintendo Teamed Up?
Submit your idea for an Apple/Nintendo product in a video commercial or as a .jpg print ad. Detail what the product is, the name, function etc.. It could be anything: game system, accessory, program service… Four winners will be picked and awarded one upgraded membership each (Two Dragon fable memberships and two AdventureQuest memberships are available)

All entries must be in video or .jpg form
If in video form, must be uploaded to youtube or gametrailers
Videos must not be longer than 5 min
video entries must sent a link to to enter.
all .jpg images must be full images sent to (no hosted images).
Contest ends Sunday, January 28th.

You all have just over a week to come up with som entries. I know you guys are creative, show me what you got!

feel free to to post links to your submissions in the comments section, but remember you won’t be entered unless you submit the entry to

Good luck all!





7 responses

21 01 2007

“Contest ends Sunday, January 21st.

You all have just over a week to come up with som entries.”

Don’t mean to be picky, but is it due tommorow, or the 28th?

21 01 2007

1 more thing. I got my picture almost done, but I can’t get it out of .png

Is there a way I can change the format to .jpg? Or is it okay to send pictures in .png format?

21 01 2007

i edited the date, entries are due the 29th

and yes, I’ll let you send .PNG files.

21 01 2007

Just one more thing. If you want it to be next Sunday, it should be Sunday the 28th of January

22 01 2007

Hey Fozzie make a story of you top 20 wii games you are looking foward to

Theat will be awsome

22 01 2007

*Looks up*

Ho ho ho ho…

I love to feast upon the insophisticated.

22 01 2007

Ho ho ho, a hardy meal.

I’ll be full until second breakfast.

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