Miyamoto still alive, Website blames article on "Training Excercise"

19 01 2007

In a Not-to-supprising update to the story we posted last night, RPGamer.com had retracted their statement telling us that Miyamoto was dead.

Late last night, a training exercise for some of our new staffers resulted in two totally bogus stories being entered into our database and subsequently picked up by some other news outlets like Google News. The stories never appeared on our index, and they were picked up before they could be deleted from our server.

The first story reported the sad death of Shigeru Miyamoto at the age of 52. As far as anyone knows, he is alive and well at the age of 54, and he’s probably playing his DS and dreaming up new games for us all to enjoy.
Full article Here.




One response

20 01 2007

What a surprise…Crackpot journalists…That be funny if they photoshoped a picture.

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