15 01 2007

Well guys sorry for the downtime today. The Wiicast is finally back online! I have completely remade the site from scratch using “Blogger”. It’s not as pretty as it used to be but it sure is a heck of a lot more functional. There were a couple of reasons behind the switch. First of all the previous would not allow comments unless you published the site to a specific server…who wanted almost $400.00/yr for the kind of transfer rate I needed. Secondly, I’m no longer tied to my computer. With this new setup i can post from any computer with an Internet connection since the software is web based. I managed to port most of the more important posts over to the new site and tried to keep the theme similar also. So now that comments are working, give a shout out! Look for an all new Video Wiicast this week as well as regular daily updates. (BTW the site had an average of 21,000 hits/day last week!) Thank you constant readers for all your support.

And now, back to your regular Wiicast shenanigans…




4 responses

15 01 2007

Just Testing Comments!

15 01 2007

Looks great Fozzie! It’s very nice to be able to watch the videos without leaving the page.

(I would have replied to your Wii Lobby thread, but it would have been buried by the mess DrTre has caused)

18 01 2007

Nice Mii i like this page one better than the old page

Also what the guy said on top of mii

31 01 2007

hi , is a good game adventurer quest and dragon fable , you can upgrading my account in adventurer quest?? my user is peruanobomba , the nickname on the character is sirLancelot

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